Weekly Round-Up

2016 Divisional Teams of the Year

For the fourth year I have the privilege of declaring the Divisional Teams of the Year, and we have got down to just four ever presents – Matt Durrell of Wivenhoe, Tristan Moseley of Chappel & Wakes Colne, Jon Jones of Great Horkesley & Lexden and Kurt Lamont of Ardleigh. Jarryd Walsh of Mistley and Jack Hebron of Colchester & E.E, are the first players to appear in two sides in the same year, having qualified for both the Division 1 team and the first ever T20 side.
As always these are my own personal opinions and based on statistical performances in each division. No awards will be given out, just the prestige of having your name in the Divisional twelve. Qualification is five games in the 40 over competition, or four games in the T20.

Division One
The top flight team sees three players from runners up Wivenhoe, and three from Mistley. There are two each from champions Frinton and Great Horkesley & Lexden, and one from both Colchester & E.E. and Elmstead.

David Brent (Frinton), Matt Durrell * (Wivenhoe), Jarryd Walsh (Mistley), Jack Hebron (CEE), Jonty Rushton (Wivenhoe), Jon Jones (GHL), Daniel Goff (Mistley), Kyle Branscombe + (Mistley), Lewis Catlow (Frinton), Jordan Nicholls (Wivenhoe), Graeson Laitt (GHL), , 12th man Jordan Elliott (Elmstead)

Opening the batting would be Frinton’s prolific David Brent who scored 546 runs in six Division One innings, failing to pass fifty on only one occasion, and recording two centuries with a best of 189 not out against Wivenhoe at the beginning of May. A safe pair of hands he also took eight catches in the matches he played in. His opening partner and skipper of the Division One side would be Wivenhoe’s Matt Durrell who was one of three players in Division One to top 500 runs, scoring 504 at an average of 63.00. His best score was 153 in September at home to Stebbing. He also took nine wickets and appears in the top ten of the Division One bowling averages. At three is Mistley’s overseas star Jarryd Walsh who was the leading scorer in the Division with 594 runs, at an average of 84.86. He scored two centuries, and four half centuries, with a best of 136 against Colchester & E.E. Number four is the Colchester & E.E.representative Jack Hebron, who scored 413 runs in six innings at 68.83, with a best of 127 at Frinton. He was also handy with the ball, taking ten wickets in 34 overs at an average of 15.30. Wivenhoe’s second entry into the team is their overseas player Jonty Rushton, who was the leading wicket taker in the division with 29 wickets at an average of 8.92, and a strike rate of a wicket every 15.93 balls. His best figures came early in the season, when he took 6 for 21 against Stebbing. He is also useful with the bat scoring 229 runs at 38.17. Mistley’s second entry into the side is Danny Goff, who scored 338 runs at 48.29 which included four half centuries. He also appears in the top ten of the bowling averages, having taken 12 wickets at 19.75. At number seven is Great Horkesley & Lexden’s all rounder Jon Jones, who took 18 wickets at 12.50 with two five wicket performances, and scored 124 runs with the bat as well as taking seven catches in the outfield. The wicketkeeping duties belong to Mistley’s Kyle Branscombe who took 15 dismissals (12 cts and 3st), as well as scoring 190 runs. Lewis Catlow is the second player from champions Frinton, he was the second highest wicket taker in the division with 25 wickets, saving his best for the championship winning match against Eight Ash Green in the last week of the season with 5 for 19. He also took eleven catches in the field. At number ten is Wivenhoe’s third player, Jordan Nicholls who took 18 wickets at an average of 15.50 with a best of 4 for 28. Making up the eleven is Great Horkesley & Lexden’s Graeson Laitt, who despite the higher grade cricket, still managed the happy knack of taking wickets, with 19 at an average of 13.68, and a best of 4 for 19. Twelfth man duties are reserved for Elmstead’s Jordan Elliot, a solid top order batsmen he scored 366 runs in 2016, with a best of 108 and two further fifties.

Division Two
The Division Two side sees four players from Ardleigh, three from champions Clacton, two from Chappel & Wakes Colne and one each from Gosfield, Great Totham and Witham.

Kurt Lamont +(Ardleigh), Gary Dicker (Gosfield), Michael Godwin (Witham), Chris Carter (CWC), Paul Marks (Great Totham), Tristan Moseley (CWC), Ryan Chamberlain (Clacton), James Lee * (Clacton), Bradley Pitts (Clacton), Peter Weatherill (Ardleigh), Graham Cole (Ardleigh), 12th Robert Cole (Ardleigh)

Opening up would be Ardleigh keeper and skipper Kurt Lamont, who scored four half centuries in his season haul of 452, at an average of 45.20 with a best of 74. He would also be custodian of the gloves for the Division Two side. His opening partner is Gary Dicker of Gosfield, who scored 402 runs,with the best average in the division of 67.00. He scored one century, an unbeaten 114 against Witham and two fifties. At number three is Witham’s Michael Godwin, he scored 440 runs in his ten innings, of which five were half centuries with a highest of 97. Chappel & Wakes Colne skipper Chris Carter, would take the number four berth, having scored the most runs in the Division with 518 at 64.75. He scored two centuries and one fifty, with a best of 136 not out against Witham. Number five is the Great Totham representative and skipper Paul Marks, who showed consistency in the Totham middle order with 248 runs at an average of 31.00. He scored three fifties, with a best of 74. Chappel’s Tristan Moseley would enjoy the role of middle order pinch hitter, hitting a rapid 372 in his ten innings at 41.33, with four half centuries to his name. Proven match winner Ryan Chamberlain of Clacton would be in at seven, able to score runs and take wickets, his all round ability would be a real asset to the side. He scored 160 runs in six innings at an average of 53.33, and took 12 wickets with the ball at 14.50, with a best of 4 for 9. His Clacton team mate James Lee, is captain of the side having led his side to the Division Two championship. He was second in the wicket taking stakes in the division, with 17 wickets, showing his wicket taking consistency by having a best of 3 for 14. Number nine is the last of the Clacton players, Bradley Pitts who scored 165 runs from his late order berth for his side, as well as claiming eleven wickets with the ball. Ardleigh’s Pete Weatherill was the leading wicket taker in the division with 24 wickets at 18.29, he also claimed three five wicket hauls, with a best of 5 for 20 against Great Totham. Graham Cole, also of Ardleigh, had another consistent season with the ball and makes up the eleven, taking 15 wickets with a best of 4 for 17. Twelfth man duties for the Division Two side would go to Ardleigh’s Robert Cole, who on his day can be devastating with both bat and ball. He scored 135 runs with the bat, with one half century, and took 12 wickets with the ball at 17.67 with a best of 4 for 22. His economy rate of 2.83 was the best in the division for those who bowled in excess of fifty overs.

Division Three
Division Three side has three players each from Abberton and champions Halstead, two players from Cavaliers, and one each from Kirby, Kelvedon, Springfield and Copdock & OI.

Matt Sullivan (Abberton), Dave Schofield (Abberton), Harry Veal (Halstead), Keiron Parkes (Kirby),
Adam Morris * (Halstead), Tom Potter (Kelvedon), Martin Southwell (Springfield), Liam Jones (Halstead), Steve Gauke (COI), Neville Davidson (Cavaliers), Dan Young + (Cavaliers) 12th Chris Pettit (Abberton)

The Division three side is headed up by the Abberton duo of Matt Sullivan and Dave Schofield. Sullivan was one of two players in Division Three to top 500 runs, returning 511, which included two centuries and a highest of 141 not out against Cavaliers in August. Schofield also scored heavily at the top of the order, returning 401 runs from 8 innings at an average of 80.20 – his haul included one century and three fifties. At number three is Halstead’s Harry Veal, the most prolific scoring batsmen in the whole league in 2016, with 782 runs at an average of 86.89. His haul included three centuries and three fifties, with a divisional best of 177 against Cavaliers. He also claimed twelve wickets at an average of 9.00. At four is Kirby’s Keiron Parkes, who narrowly missed out on 500 runs for the season reaching 481, with a highest of 116 not out. He also finished in the top ten of the bowling averages, taking 19 wickets at 21.16, with a best of 6 for 5 against West Bergholt. Skipper for the Division Three side is Halstead’s Adam Morris who marshalled his young side to the Division Three title. He also scored 244 runs at an average of 40.67, and took nine catches in the outfield. Tom Potter of Kelvedon would appear at six, although he could probably appear higher in batting order. He scored 393 runs at 39.30, which included four fifties. All rounder Martin Southwell of Springfield appears in the Divisional team for the third successive season. The Division Three bowlers could only manage to dismiss him once in ten innings, as he scored 261 runs with three fifties. He was the second leading wicket taker in the division with 22 wickets at 13.32, taking two five wicket hauls with a best of 5 for 11 against Abberton. He also took eight catches for good measure. Halstead’s third player is bowler Liam Jones who took 20 wickets at 18.10 with a best of 5 for 27 against Kelvedon. Leading wicket taker in Division Three Steve Gauke of Copdock & OI is number nine, he claimed 27 wickets to top the bowling averages at an average of 11.74, with a best of 6 for 17 against Cavaliers. Cavaliers have two players in the side and they make up ten and Jack, with Neville Davidson and Dan Young. Davidson was one of four bowlers who took 20 or more wickets in the division, with 20 at 18.65, while Young would be custodian of the gloves having made 12 dismissals (8cts and 4st). Making up the twelve is Abberton skipper Chris Pettit, who would be useful as a backup with both the bat and ball, having scored 306 runs at 51.00 with a century in the last game of the season at Kirby, and taking 10 wickets.

Division Four
In Division Four, there are three players from Coggeshall, two players each from champions Galleywood, Rayne and Great Braxted & Tiptree, and one player from Real Oddies, Great Horkesley & Lexden seconds and Chappel & Wakes Colne seconds.

Kane Addison (Coggeshall), Danny McIntyre (Galleywood), Ben Rayner * (Galleywood), Sean Hummerstone +(GBT) , Nick Alen (Rayne), Louis Gibson (Coggeshall), David Gibson (Coggeshall), Pete Pearson (Real Oddies), Rob Hill (GBT) , Paul Hart (GHL 2nd), Rebecca Wilson (CWC 2nd), 12th Duncan Fielding (Rayne)

Leading up the Division Four side is Coggeshall top order batsmen Kane Addison, who was third highest scoring batsman in the division with 414 runs, which included four half centuries. He also took eight catches in the outfield. His opening partner is Galleywood’s Danny McIntyre, who was second leading run scorer with 435 runs at 48.33. He scored one century and one fifty in his run haul, and then topped the Division Four bowling averages with 19 wickets at 12.05. Galleywood’s Ben Rayner is skipper of the side, having led his side to the Division Four title. He was also top scorer in the division with 606 runs at an impressive average of 121.20, and was the first player to reach 500 runs in 2016. Great Braxted & Tiptree’s wicketkeeper batsman Sean Hummerstone would be in the side to do just that, having scored 335 runs at 47.86 including a best of 126 not out. He made twelve dismissals at the wicket (10cts and 2 st). Nick Alen of Rayne appears at five, Mr consistent scored 379 runs with a best of 54, he had an annoying habit of reaching forty and then getting out ! Fifteen year old Louis Gibson is the second representative of Coggeshall, he scored a respectable 306 runs at 34.00 and took 19 wickets at 14.05, with two five fors. He was the only player to achieve the feat of a century and five wickets in the same match when doing so against Great Horkelsey & Lexden seconds. Making it a family affair at seven is father David Gibson, who outscored his son with 337 runs which included three fifties, but at a slightly lower average of 33.70. Real Oddies all rounder Pete Pearson comes in at number eight, scoring 297 runs and taking a division best of 23 wickets at 15.52. At number nine is the second Great Braxted & Tiptree player, Rob Hill who claimed 19 wickets at 13.32 to finish second in the bowling averages for Division Four. He was also very miserly with an economy rate of 2.45. He would also be a more than useful lower end batsmen scoring 202 runs, with a best of 76 not out. Great Horkesley & Lexden second’s player Paul Hart is number ten, he was the second leading wicket taker in the division with 22 wickets at 14.18. Making up the eleven is the first ever female player to make a Divisional team, Chappel & Wakes Colne seconds Rebecca Wilson, who claimed 19 wickets at 16.00. Rayne’s second player Duncan Fielding takes on the twelfth man duties, he scored 344 runs at an average of 31.27 with two half centuries.

The T20 side sees representation from each of the seven teams that took part, four players from Little Bardfield Village, two from Coggeshall and Wivenhoe, and one each from Colchester & E.E, Great Bentley, Mistley and Kelvedon & Feering.

Tom Sinclair (Great Bentley), Jack Hebron (CEE), Ryan Vickery + (Wivenhoe), Jarryd Walsh (Mistley), Rob Cross * (Coggeshall), Liam O’Connor (Coggeshall), Daryl Hymas (LBV), Ian Catley (LBV), Matt Graham (LBV), Ryan Savill (Wivenhoe), Ollie Wilton-Steere (Kelvedon) , 12th Man Peter Stone (LBV)

The opening partnership would see Tom Sinclair of Great Bentley (254 runs at 63.50 including three fifties and a best of 87) and Jack Hebron of Colchester & E.E, the leading run scorer in the competition with 348 runs, including three fifties and the only century of the season, 100 against Little Bardfield Village. Hebron would also serve as a bowling backup having taken seven wickets with a best of 4 for 17. At three is Wivenhoe’s wicket keeper batsmen Ryan Vickery, who was the second top scorer in the competition with 314 runs, including three fifties with a best of 89, at an average of 49.71. He also takes the award for man who cleared the boundary on most occasions with seventeen maximums. At four it would be Mistley’s only representative Jarryd Walsh, who scored 207 runs including two fifties at an average of 51.75. At number five and six are the Coggeshall all rounder pairing of Rob Cross and Liam O’Connor. Cross was the man of the match in the T20 Final against Colchester & E.E with 62 and 4 for 13, and scored two fifties in his four innings. He also took six wickets in the seven overs he bowled. He is given the captaincy duty for his ability to lead from the front. At six is his team mate Liam O’Connor, who was the leading wicket taker with 13 wickets at an incredible average of 4.92, he was also the most economic T20 bowler going for just 4.57 per over. His best bowling was a competition best with a spell of 5 for 7 against Colchester & E.E. There then comes a triumvirate from Little Bardfield Village, arguably the surprise package of the tournament. All Rounder Daryl Hymas would figure at seven, scoring 158 runs and taking 8 wickets. At number eight is Ian Catley who did not run many singles, largely because he was out of breath, in his haul of 185 which included a highest score of 84, before being run out !. Little Bardfield’s skipper Matt Graham, comes in at nine, largely for his bowling taking 11 wickets at an average of 12.00, with a best of 4 for 17. He would also be more than useful at the lower end of the order with the bat, having scored 106 runs with a top score of 50. Wivenhoe’s second man in the twelve is Ryan Savill, who also took 11 wickets at an average of 10.45, including the second best bowling performance of 5 for 33. Kelvedon’s only player in the squad would be Ollie Wilton-Steere, who took 9 wickets at an average of 20.56, with a best of 3 for 19. On twelfth man duties for the T20 representative side, is Little Bardfield’s fourth player Peter Stone, who scored 163 runs with eleven sixes in his haul.

What of that Crystal ball back in April – well starting off with a success ‘nailing my flag to the mast I will go for Frinton to come out on top, with Wivenhoe second, Colchester & E.E third and Mistley slipping to fourth’. I did comment that Division Two was harder to predict so perhaps understandable that my prediction of ‘Harwich & Dovercourt won the third division title convincingly last season, losing only one match, and I would predict them to go well again this year and claim the title’ crashed and burned, as they finished in the bottom two. I did predict that ‘Chappel & Wakes Colne, Great Totham and Witham could all vie for promotion’ and they all finished in the minor places. However, my Leicester City award goes to Clacton who defied the odds to take the Division Two title, what I said in April though was ‘with the battle for relegation coming between Purleigh, Clacton and Earls Colne with the latter two to make the drop’. I did get Division Three wrong, but it was the most competitive so very tight throughout – ‘Total guess work, but I will plump for Kelvedon & Feering and Abberton to make the promotion places’. I did put the caveat in about Halstead, ‘whilst there is the unknown of what Halstead side will appear, having requested demotion from the top flight at the 2015 AGM’. One out of two for relegation as I correctly predicted Kirby, but did not my own club West Mersea (pride comes before a fall), ‘I think Cavaliers and Kirby making the drop’. Another correct prediction in Division Four with champions Galleywood correctly selected ‘I fancy Galleywood will be a strong contender for the title’. The race for the wooden spoon was half a success ! ‘Great Horkesley & Lexden 2nds and Chappel & Wakes Colne 2nds will contest the battle in the lower reaches for the wooden spoon.’ The Saxons duly claimed the wooden spoon, while Chappel & Wakes Colne seconds were involved at the other end of the table eventually claiming the runners up spot.
In the T20, I correctly predicted three of the four finalists, missing out on surprise package Little Bardfield Village, but I was undone by predicting the winners when Coggeshall upset the apple cart by beating my prediction Colchester & E.E. in the final.