Weekly Round-Up

Divisional Teams of the Year 2019

The Weekly Roundup end of season wrap up, with the traditional Divisional Teams of the Season. As usual no prizes, just the accolade of appearing in the Divisional twelve man squad for 2019. All nominees have been chosen by yours truly, and are based on statistical performances. To appear in a twelve, a player had to play a minimum of four games in the division.


Division One
There are four players from champions Clacton, three from Wivenhoe, two from Mistley, and one each from Colchester & E.E, Galleywood and Halstead.
Kalipha Cele (Mis), Tom Sinclair (Cla), Dirk Bruwer (Wiv), Johnny Bassett-Graham (CEE), James Adams (Gal), Jordan Nicholls (Wiv), Kieron Parkes * (Cla), Bradley Pitts (Cla), James Butcher (Wiv), Charlie Hawthorn (Mis), Gary Dicker + (Hal), 12th Harlan Greig (Cla)

Opening the batting is the top scorer in the division Kalipha Cele of Mistley, who scored 489 runs at an average of 163.00, with a divisional highest of 146 not out against Wivehoe in July. He scored three centuries and one fifty in his six innings. Kalipha could also be used for his bowling taking 11 wickets with a best of 3 for 26, and an average of 16.18. He also claimed four catches in the outfield. His opening partner is the first of four Clacton players, Tom Sinclair, who scored 268 runs at an average of 67.00, with a best of 134 in the title deciding match against Mistley in September. Seven dismissals (5 catches and 2 stumpings) at the wicket make him a useful backup wicketkeeper. At number three is the first of the three Wivenhoe players, Dirk Bruwer, who scored 308 runs including one century, 101 not out against Mistley in August, at an average of 77.00. Bruwer was also useful with the ball, with 12 wickets at 18.25, and a best of 3 for 24, while he showed a safe pair of hands being the leading outfield catcher in the division with six catches. Colchester & E.E’s sole representative in the Team of the Year, is their Kiwi captain Johnny Bassett-Graham, who scored 380 runs in his eight innings at 47.50. He scored two centuries, with a best of 132 against Mistley in June. At number five, is Galleywood’s James Adams who scored 268 runs at an average of 33.50 with two fifties. Often opening the innings for the bottom side in the division James, put in some consistent performances throughout the campaign. Number six, the all rounder berth belongs to Wivenhoe’s Jordan Nicholls, who scored 162 runs at 40.50, and took eleven wickets at 19.09, with a best of 4 for 30. He is one of three players, Cele and Bruwer who appears in the top ten of both the batting and bowling averages. Number seven is the captain of Division One team, and victorious Clacton captain Kieron Parkes. Parkes was the leading wicket taker in the Division with fourteen wickets at 14.21, as well as scoring 136 runs. Another Clacton players fills the number eight spot, as an all rounder, Bradley Pitts. Pitts scored 191 runs from his lower middle order position for the champions with a best of 70 not out, at an average of 47.75. He also picked up seven wickets with his bowling. At number nine is James Butcher of Wivenhoe, who is in for his bowling having topped the divisional averages with thirteen wickets at 11.08, and a best of 3 for 2. Filling the second bowling berth, there being so many all rounders in the team, is Mistley’s Charlie Hawthorn who took 10 wickets at 14.20 to finish third in the bowling averages, with a divisional season best of 5 for 8 against Galleywood in June. At number eleven is the wicket keeper, Halstead’s Gary Dicker, who was the competitions leading wicket keeper with eight dismissals, made up of three catches and five stumpings. Twelfth man duties fall on Clacton’s fourth player, Harlan Greig, who claimed nine wickets with the ball at 19.22, scored 105 runs with the bat and claimed four outfield catches.

Division Two

The Division Two side consists of five players from Kelvedon, three players from champions Springfield, two players from Cavaliers, and one each from Stebbing and Witham.
Charlie Prudence (Spr), Michael Godwin (Wit), Ed King (Kel), Josh O’Connor (Ste), Matt Sexton (Kel), Muhammadi Nadeem (Cav), Mark Cottee (Kel), Martin Southwell * (Spr), Jamie Trim (Spr), Ahmed Khaliq (Cav), Reece Dolman + (Kel), 12th Harry Ratcliffe (Kel)

The Division Two openers are Charlie Prudence of Springfield, and Michael Godwin of Witham. Prudence was the top scorer in the Division, and one of only two players in the competition to top 500 runs. He scored 622 runs in his six innings at an average of 155.50. He scored three centuries, of which two were amongst the three highest of the season in the competition. His 218 against Cavaliers in August was his highest, followed four weeks later by an unbeaten 196 against Witham. Michael Godwin of Witham also averaged over a hundred with the bat, scoring his 412 runs at an average of 137.33. His highest score was 127 against Kelvedon in May. At number three is the first of five Kelvedon players, Ed King, who was the second top scorer in the division with 432 runs at an average of 72.00. He posted two centuries and two fifties in his haul. Ed was also a reliable fielder with six outfield catches, and a single wicket keeping dismissal. At number four is Stebbing’s Josh O’Connor, who scored 130 runs at 43.33. Kelvedon’s Matt Sexton joins him in the middle order at number five, scoring 145 runs at 48.33 including one fifty. He claimed four catces in the outfield. Number six is the first of Cavaliers two players, Muhammadi Nadeem, who scored 118 runs at an average of 19.67, and although failing to qualify for the bowling averages took seven wickets at 13.86, with a best of 5 for 17 against the Real Oddies. At number seven is the last of the batsmen, Kelvedon’s Mark Cottee, who scored 159 from seven innings, with one fifty at an average of 39.75. At number eight is veteran Springfield all rounder Martin Southwell, who was the joint leading wicket taker in the competition with 24 wickets, which saw him top the Second Division averages with an average of 10.25. His best performance was the competition best of 6 for 16 against Cavaliers. Southwell being the elder statesman of the side, and a member of champions Springfield is the nominated captain of the Divisional side. At number nine and in as part of the bowling unit, is Springfield’s Jamie Trim, who claimed seven wickets at 17.86, with a best of 4 for 27, to finish fourth in the bowling averages. At number ten is the second Cavaliers player Ahmed Khaliq, whose eight wicket at 15.88 saw him finish third in the bowling averages. At number eleven is the wicket keeper, Kelvedon’s Reece Dolman, who made seven dismissals (five catches and two stumpings). At twelfth man it is another bowler from Kelvedon, Harry Ratcliffe, who finished fifth in the bowling average with eight wickets at 20.00.

Division Three

The Division Three squad is made up of five players from champions Great Totham, three players from runners up Sudbury, two from third placed Great Horkesley & Lexden, and one each from Eight Ash Green and West Bergholt.
Keelan Waldock * (Sud), Shaakir Ahmed (GHL), Ryan Vickery (Sud), Jon Jones (GHL), Ollie Stovell (EAG), Dan Allen + (GT), Joe Davis (GT), Joe Smith (WB), Morgan Waldock (Sud), Sam Bowen (GT), Daniel Quartermaine (GT), 12th James Hay

Opening the batting for the Division Three side is Sudbury captain Keelan Waldock, who topped the division averages scoring 453 runs at 90.60. He scored two centuries and two fifties with a best of 147 against West Bergholt in May. He is also captain of the side after leading his side to eight wins in their first eight games. His opening partner is probably the NECL Player of the Season, scoring 903 runs at an average of 90.30 is Great Horkesley & Lexden’s Shaakir Ahmed. His haul included five centuries and two fifties, in a season that begun with a duck ! His highest score was an unbeaten 203 in the final game of the season against West Bergholt. At number three is the second Sudbury player Ryan Vickery who scored 431 runs at an average of 71.83, his haul included two centuries with a best of 176 against Great Horkesley & Lexden. At number four is the second Saxons player Jon Jones, who scored 353 runs at 32.27 from his top of the order position. He also chipped in with 19 wickets at 15.47, often with economical returns. He was also the leading outfielder in the competition with ten dismissals, 9 catches and a run out. At number five is the Eight Ash Green captain Ollie Stovell, who lead from the front with the bat, with 461 runs at 57.63, including one century (130 v. Boxted) and three fifties. At number six is the first of Great Totham’s players, the wicket keeper Dan Allen who made seven dismissals, 4 catches and 3 stumpings). Allen also scored 149 runs in three innings with two fifties. At number seven is Great Totham all rounder Joe Davis, who was fourth in the batting averages with 253 runs at 63.25, including an unbeaten 102 against Boxted. He also topped the bowling averages taing seventeen wickets at 9.18, with a best of 5 for 30 in the championship decider with West Bergholt in September. Number eight is West Bergholt’s solitary player Joe Smith, who was the leading wicket taker in the division, and joint in the competition, with 24 wickets at 10.71. He returned the best of the season with 5 for 5 against Coggeshall. He will also score useful runs down the order with 174 runs in ten innings, and a best of 55. At number nne is the final Sudbury player, Morgan Waldock, who finished a close second in the divisional bowling averages taking seventeen wickets at 9.29, with a best of 4 for 24. The last three players are all from the Great Totham bowling, showing the real strength of the champions. At number ten is Sam Bowen, who finish fourth in the bowling averages with 15 wickets at 11.47, with a best of 5 for 47. He would also score valuable runs in the lower order, not least an unbeaten 40 in a title winning partnership against West Bergholt. At number eleven is Daniel Quartermaine who took eighteen wickets at 17.33, while the twelfth man is James Hay who took seventeen wickets at 16.06.


The T20 squad consists of four players from champions Halstead, three from Colchester & E.E., two players from Wivenhoe, and one player each from Mistley, Frinton and Coggeshall.
Kalipha Cele (Mis), Charlie Fernandes (CEE), Tom Sinclair + (Fri), Matt Durrell (Wiv), Josh Wells * (Hal), Dirk Bruwer (Wiv), Charlie Green (Cog), Feroze Ahmed (CEE), Joe Morris (Hal), George Offord (CEE), Lewis Brennan (Hal), 12th Josh King (Hal)
Three players, Kalipha Cele, Tom Sinclair and Dirk Bruwer appear in both the Division One side, and the T20 side.

Opening the batting for the T20 team is Mistley’s Kalipha Cele, whose 213 runs at 71.00 saw him finish second in the T20 batting averages. He scored three fifties in his four batting innings and was definitely a big miss for the Swans on Finals Day. His opening partner is the prolific Charlie Fernandes from Colchester & E.E., who top scored in the competition with 303 runs with a best of 129 off of just 50 balls against Abberton. Two of his other three innings also saw him register fifties as he topped the averages at 75.75. Charlie was also the leading six hitter with nineteen maximums. At number three is Frinton’s Tom Sinclair, who will take on the wicket keeping duties having made six dismissals (3 cts and 3 stumpings). He also scored 136 runs in four innings, being not out in all four knocks. At number four is Wivenhoe’s Matt Durrell, who normally qualifies for an NECL team of the season. Durrell scored two fifties in his 178 runs at an average of 59.33. Leading the team at number five is the captain, Halstead’s Josh Wells, who lead his side to a first T20 title. Wells was the second highest scorer in the competition with 256 runs, which included three fifties. At number six, is Wivenhoe’s Dirk Bruwer who scored 131 runs at 43.67, with one fifty. He also topped the T20 bowling averages taking seven wickets at 7.43, and boasted the best economy rate of 4.33. Coggeshall’s Charlie Green is at seven scoring 141 runs at 49.00, and also taking six wickets with a strike rate of one wicket every 9 balls. At number eight is the luxury of Colchester & E.E hard hitting Feroze Ahmed, who scored 195 runs at 65.00 to finish third in the T20 batting averages. Halstead’s T20 Final man of the match Joe Morris comes in at number nine, he finished fourth in the bowling averages, ending the season as the second leading wicket taker with ten wickets at 11.00. He also scored important runs, none more so than the 37 in the T20 final against Coggeshall. At number ten is the final player from Colchester & E.E., George Offord, who was the leading wicket taker in the competition withj 11 wickets at 8.18 to finish second in the bowling averages, including a competition best for the season of 4 for 10. At number eleven is Halstead’s Lewis Brennan who finished third in the bowling averages, taking 9 wickets at 9.78. Twelfth man duties belong to Halstead’s Josh King, who claimed nine wickets with his bowling at 15.67, took four outfield catches, and scored some important late order runs.