Recording Results

The result of all League, Cup and Plate matches must be registered as soon as possible after the match (before 10pm) via e-mail to or , or via the Results Summary on Play-Cricket.

Please note that matches cancelled due to weather or forfeited should also be recorded.

Rule 29A Penalties for non-compliance with rule 29. (i) A club failing to notify the result of a match to the results secretary as required by rule 29, or doing so after 10.00 pm, will be fined £5.00; (ii) A club failing to complete the online scoresheet in accordance with the requirements and by the time prescribed by the Management Committee (within 48 hours post match) will be fined £10.00. A further fine of £5.00 per week will be imposed for each week thereafter that any default continues.

Rule 15B If a team is unable to fulfil a fixture due to lack of players, the club must so inform their opponents and the Results Secretary by 10.00pm on the day before the game is due to be played at the latest. Unless the Management Committee otherwise determine, a club conceding a game for lack of players and failing to notify both their opponents and the Results Secretary by this deadline will be fined £25 and, if a league game, the team deducted 10 points, such penalties being in addition to any penalty applicable under rule 15. If panel umpires have been appointed to stand in the match, the defaulting club shall also pay the prescribed expenses of both umpires.

Results should be provided by a representative of the home team - not necessarily the captain - matches should include the division or compeition in which the match was played, the innings total and wickets lost for both sides and the result. Significant scores - bowlers taking four wickets or more and batsmen scoring more than 40 - plus other events of interest should also be recorded. If they wish, away sides can also e-mail in results and details.

Match scoresheets should also be added to the online Play-Cricket system within 48 hours after completion of the match.

The results service helps the League to maintain up-to-date league tables on the website and ensures coverage by the local press. If anyone has any enquiries about the results service please contact me on 07507 667949.


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