Umpire appointments for all First, Second Division and T20 games in August have been released, and can be found under the 'Umpires' tab at the top of the website. They have also been entered into the Play-Cricket fixture.

Unfortunately, a number of games in Division Two have not been able to be covered at this stage. If there is a change in availability clubs will be notified, otherwise they will have to umpire themselves.

A warning to all clubs to attempt to put in place ways of protecting your grounds, and make entry as difficult as possible when you are not there. If your ground is council owned you may want to speak to the local council. Travellers in the last week have made their camps on the outfields at both Harwich & Dovercourt and Eight Ash Green. Legally they can be moved on, but the process can take a few days and by all accounts the tidy up afterwards is quite extensive.

This is a reminder that as from this weekend (June 4th) fines and points deductions will be enforced as per the rules of the competition. Please ensure that whoever needs to know this information within your club is aware of this. The league do not want to penalise clubs by fining and deducting points, but if this is the only way that we can gain full compliance then so be it.

The following two rules are being implemented fully from this weekend ;

1. A member of the home side must upload a full scorecard to Play-Cricket within 48 hours of the match, or by 8am on the Wednesday at the latest. Failure to do so will result in a £10 fine, and a further £5 for every Friday thereafter that the result is not uploaded. Rule 29

If there are any issues with entering a scorecard through missing players or details, the away club and Results Secretary should be notified, so that the problem can be resolved as soon as possible.

2. Where neutral umpires are standing, Umpire Assessments should be completed and submitted by a captain or representative of both clubs, by the following Sunday. Failure to do so will result in a 5 point deduction, and a further 5 points for every Sunday thereafter that it is not submitted. Rule 32A

Read more: Fines / Points Deductions fully implemented from this weekend (June 4th)

I will be away until late Sunday evening, so in all likelihood results and updated league tables will not be available until Monday morning this weekend. Results should nevertheless be submitted by e-mail before the 10pm deadline on Sunday evening. Similarly a concession should be reported by the conceding side by e-mail by no later than 10pm on Saturday evening - to avoid a points deduction and £25 fine.

Unfortunately, Springfield are looking for opposition on Sunday, following a concession by their scheduled opponents in the NECL Division Three. They have a ground and teas available, and the forecast is good, so if you can raise a team to play Springfield, please contact Paul Durrant on 07802 674963.

To clarify the position regarding umpires and cricket balls in Division Two matches:


As per league rule 32, panel umpires will be appointed to stand in all Division Two matches this season, with the clubs sharing the cost (£30 expenses for each umpire - the amount agreed at the 2016 AGM).  The dispensation that applied in 2016 (agreed at the 2015 AGM), that Division Two clubs could ask for neutral umpires but were not required to have panel umpires), applied for that season only.


The Management Committee decided on 3 November 2016 that only one ball per match should be required in Division Two matches in 2017. It will be open to the captains of clubs in this division to agree, before the start of the match, that a new ball will be used for each innings, but in the absence of agreement only one ball is to be used.  If two balls are to be used, the umpires must be informed.

The A12 will be closed on Sunday between Junctions 23 and 25. Individuals and teams travelling to matches, and planning to use the A12, should seek out alternative routes and maybe start their journeys earlier to avoid not reaching their destination on time.

Just a reminder, in general the HOME side should contact the neutral umpires in the event of match being cancelled through a concession. However, it may be courteous if the conceding side also let the umpires know. If you cannot contact the umpires, please inform the Umpire Appointments Officer David Root (01376 583819 or 07981 731291) - failure to let the umpires or David Root know, may incur the umpires expenses if they travel on the day ! As well as their wrath. 

While we are dealing with Umpires, remember that all First and Second Division Clubs MUST submit an Umpire Assessment (available on the website), marking the standing umpires, by the Friday following the game - failure to do so could result in a five point deduction. There are still some clubs who have failed to submit assessments in the first few weeks. I have not implemented the rule strictly yet to ensure that all clubs have got the message, but from the first week of June there will be no excuse.

Just a timely reminder of vigilance around the cricket grounds as the season gets into full swing. Remember we had a spate of thefts last year, and unfortunately, there has already been reports of thefts in the county at cricket matches this season. Do not give these low life’s an easy opportunity to take your valuables.

Take some simple precautions;
1. Do not take valuables into a Changing Room to start with. If possible, keep them safely locked away in your vehicles, you do not need them while the game is in progress.
2. If you cannot do (1) then please try and make sure that your changing room is safely locked, especially when your team is in the field and the key is left with your scorer. If the changing room cannot be locked then ask the host club if they have a safe facility to lock these valuables in, like their bar.
3. Notice if entrance to the clubhouse can be made without being visible from the field of play, in which case take extra care. 

Play-Cricket Update

With more clubs starting their seasons this weekend – just a few more pointers and reminders with regard to Play-Cricket administration.

Thank you to the teams who have already entered scoresheets – so far there have been no major issues with uploading scorecards in the 48 hour timescale.

If you are an administrator please can you attempt to address the pointers below, to ensure there are minimal problems over these first few weeks.

1. For the benefit of the home administrator please make every effort to ensure all your players are added to the NECL squad – this will mean picking the player will be made easier.

2. Please can I encourage you to look at ‘merging’ duplicate records within your clubs – if you have a single record for a player it will ensure that the stats that are produced are correct. The instructions for merging players are on the website in a previous article.

3. Remember that both the ‘home’ and ‘away’ club should confirm the match details on Play-Cricket by the following Friday – again this will confirm that both clubs are happy with what has been entered. This is done by the administrator going to the ‘Results’ section and clicking on the cross under ‘Confirm Result’ – the cross will then change to a tick.

4. Reports – if there are any budding journalists out there – please feel free to use the report facility (also in the Results Screen under ‘Edit Report’) to record any facts, club milestones, strange occurrences concerning the match – there have been a couple of clubs use this already, and it makes my job of compiling the Weekly Roundup a lot easier, and factually correct.

If you are having any problems uploading a scorecard please e-mail me as soon as possible, so that I can steer you in the right direction for a resolution.

E-mail me at or

Kevin Hewes(Results Secretary)

Umpire appointments for all First, Second Division and T20 games in April, can be found under the 'Umpires' tab at the top of the website. They have also been entered into the Play-Cricket fixture.