Download this file (ECB Return to Cricket Plan in Step 4_July2020.pdf)ECB Return to Cricket Plan in Step 4_July2020.pdf329 kBTue 14th Jul 2020
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To Clubs

Congratulations must go to all teams and clubs as the first weekend of cricket was, by and large, a success, and we hope you enjoyed being back on the field. Last night we had a meeting of the Adult Participation Group (APG), which is comprised mainly of representatives of all the leagues on Essex and East London. The reports coming back from these league were very positive, although from some of these reports and other information received there are a few issues that we would like to remind clubs about:-

ECB RETURN TO CRICKET STEP 4: Attached is the latest information from ECB (which you should have received) , please familiarise yourself with the various criteria and mandatory things that have to be done

RISK ASSESSMENTS:- All clubs/teams must complete a risk assessment prior to the match, in some cases, where clubs play on council owned pitches, the Local Authority may insist on sight of this. Attached is the ECB generic risk assessment, and also attached is one that had been completed by a club, to show you what is required. A risk assessment is essential and I would ask clubs/teams to ensure that this is carried out. From the meeting last night it seems that risk assessments have not been carried out at a few matches at the weekend.

SOCIAL DISTANCING:- It was also apparent from the meeting last night, and viewing some social media clips of matches, that social distancing is not always adhered to, both on the field, and by spectators off the field. Please ensure that social distancing is respected at all times

SANITISATION:- It seems that hand and ball sanitisation was carried out diligently, but one league member last night stated the need to make sure that any towels etc. which were used to sanitise are disposed of safely.

GROUND AVAILABILTY:- It was reported last night that some leagues required pitches for some of their clubs, over the next few weeks. It would be very helpful of any clubs/teams that have spare capacity would kindly advise their leagues accordingly, also information requests can passed on to Graham Pryke at Essex, as he is in regular contact with other clubs around the county:-

It needs to be remembered that cricket is very much in spotlight, as it is the only team sport that the government has given the green light to, and we need to make sure that we are complying with the Covid-19 regulations

Well done again to all that managed to get successful games on at the weekend

Regards Graham

Graham Jelley | Cricket Development Managers - Clubs and Leagues

Essex Cricket

Download this file (ECB Return to Cricket Plan in Step 4_July2020.pdf)ECB Return to Cricket Plan in Step 4_July2020.pdf329 kBFri 10th Jul 2020
Download this file (playing_plan_summary_june-2020.pdf)playing_plan_summary_june-2020.pdf1313 kBFri 10th Jul 2020
Download this file (socially-distanced-cricket-matches_july-2020.pdf)socially-distanced-cricket-matches_july-2020.pdf1230 kBFri 10th Jul 2020

8th July ECB Update >  

Dear all,

Following the latest update from the UK Government, the ECB is pleased to announce the return of recreational cricket in England, signalling a progression from Step 3 to Step 4 of the ECB’s roadmap to return for the recreational game.

This also allows us to advise that clubs who have previously run All Stars Cricket can now do so again (we will release specific guidance for All Stars Cricket next week).

We thank you for all of your efforts in helping cricket return.

ECB has maintained a constant dialogue with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) throughout this process and we have prepared a plan to support clubs and individuals as they prepare for the return of recreational cricket, including details of adjustments which should be made to respect hygiene and social distancing requirements.

Read more: 2020 Cricket - Return to Play Update

The NECL Management Committee regret to announce that, in common with other local leagues, it has been decided the 2020 season should be abandoned. Even if the government and ECB do allow recreational cricket to start at some point in the not-too-distant future, over half the season will have been lost and it will not be practically possible to re-organise fixtures to fit the time remaining or, indeed, guarantee that a meaningful number can be played.

If/when permission is given for some form of recreational cricket to begin, we suggest that clubs consider using the remaining fixtures, as currently organised by the league, as a basis for friendlies. Those clubs who wish to use the league fixtures in this way should contact possible opponents in good time beforehand to ensure that both clubs are willing and able to play. No club is obliged to do so.

Any games played in this way should be conducted in strict accordance with ECB guidelines, which will be based on government advice.

The start of the 2020 season is on hold until further notice. Pre-season ball collection for Sat 4 April is also canceled - though arrangements will be made for clubs to pay Emma the remaining balance and to collect balls when restrictions are lifted.



The purpose of these guidelines is to offer practical guidance to players and clubs on the steps they should take while undertaking recreational cricket activity and informal cricket activity in an outdoor environment given the current restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The key update in the guidance is the allowance of small group sizes (now up to six individuals), however a number of other subtle but important changes are listed throughout the document.

These guidelines currently apply to England only. Guidance specifically relating to Wales can be found here.

Consistent with UK Government guidance, published on 1 June 2020 relating to the phased return of outdoor sport and recreation in England, the following applies to outdoor cricket:

  • For all activity, social distancing of at least two metres must be maintained at all times (except between members of the same household).
  • Playing cricket individually is permitted e.g. practice of individual cricket skills or fitness activities.
  • Playing cricket with people living in your household is permitted.
  • Small group cricket activity, training or fitness in groups of no more than six (6), is permitted, keeping two (2) metres apart at all times.
  • Cricket coaches, can now undertake small group sessions of up to six (6) people including the coach (1:5) and they must comply with ECB safeguarding policies (as well as being able to conduct one-to-one coaching).
  • Nets should be used on an ‘every other’ basis, leaving one net free between nets. Note that for nets within a security fence, occupancy numbers could be limited by social distancing requirements.
  • It is permissible for two or more groups of six (6) to train at the same time provided they are kept separate, and social distancing and strict hygiene measures are observed. However, clubs should carry out a risk assessment to determine the maximum capacity for their facility that can be achieved safely whilst maintaining social distancing and not exceeding the current limits on training group size.
  • Clubhouses can be reopened in a limited way for operational reasons (e.g. for access to first aid equipment) or for toilet access (see below) but all communal areas including bar, changing rooms etc. are to remain closed for general use.
  • Toilet facilities can be opened if the venue wishes, but particular care should be taken by those using them and those cleaning them. Where they are open, venues must ensure soap and water is provided and they are cleaned regularly.
  • No indoor cricket activity at all.
  • We recommend using your own equipment if possible. If equipment is being shared, please follow UK Government’s guidance on the sharing of equipment. Players should stick to using one ball in training either by bringing their own or being assigned a numbered ball that is cleaned in between sessions.
  • No saliva or sweat should be applied to the ball at any time.
  • Wash hands at home before and after using the outdoor facilities. Bring your own hand sanitiser where possible.


Detailed guidance in relation to outdoor cricket activity can be found here.

Can club officials / players please register on the site before the season begins so they can login to complete the Result Summary Submission Form immediately following each game.

Reluctantly I've had to do this as Russian spam bots were abusing the public function, despite any obstacle I put in their way, and flooding the Results Secs inbox with junk so necessitating making the results submission form only available to legitimate and registered site users.

Register to login

Also for next season clubs can fill in Play-Cricket result summary immediately following each match and that will also be accepted as a result notification.

If any clubs have changed their League Rep / Fixture Sec and / or 2nd contact over the Winter please email me directly so I can update the Club Directory

Download this file (Div One Fixtures 2020.xlsx)Div One Fixtures 2020.xlsx10 kBMon 20th Jan 2020
Download this file (Div Three.xlsx)Div Three.xlsx9 kBMon 20th Jan 2020
Download this file (Div Two.xlsx)Div Two.xlsx9 kBMon 20th Jan 2020
Download this file (T20 Fixtures 2020.xls)T20 Fixtures 2020.xls22 kBMon 20th Jan 2020

Happy New Year...Decade !!

With apologies for the delay, but there have been several machinations of the fixtures (particularly in Div 1) this year due to a lack of dates. Graeson has done the best he can with what he received.

Please find attached the 40 over competition fixtures for 2020 - clubs have until January 31st to make any changes, which they should do directly to clubs - please e-mail  with changes.

Once that date has passed fixtures will be uploaded on the Fixtures tab of this website, as well as the Play-Cricket website.

The T20 fixtures can also be arranged now - this is to be done between the clubs, and the template is attached. Fixture templates for the T20 Group games should be returned by 7th February.


DIv 1 DIv 2 Div 3
Clacton C.C.
Colchester & East Essex C.C.
Colchester Cavaliers C.C.
Mistley C.C.
Springfield C.C.
Wivenhoe C.C.
Galleywood C.C.
Great Totham C.C.
Great Waltham C.C.
Halstead C.C.
Kelvedon & Feering C.C.
Sudbury C.C.
Boxted C.C.
Coggeshall Town C.C.
Eight Ash Green C.C.
Gt Horkesley & Lexden C.C.
Real Oddies C.C.
West Bergholt C.C.
Witham C.C.


East West
Abberton C.C.
Colchester & East Essex C.C.
Frinton-on-Sea C.C.
Mistley C.C.
Wivenhoe C.C.

Coggeshall Town C.C.
Galleywood C.C.
Great Waltham C.C.
Halstead C.C.
Witham C.C.

Download this file (Fixture Template 2020 v2.pdf)Fixture Template 2020 v2.pdf36 kBThu 17th Oct 2019
Download this file (Fixture Template 2020 v2.xls)Fixture Template 2020 v2.xls28 kBThu 17th Oct 2019
Download this file (League Tables 2019.pdf)League Tables 2019.pdf28 kBThu 17th Oct 2019
Download this file (NECL - Entry form 2020.pdf)NECL - Entry form 2020.pdf191 kBThu 17th Oct 2019
Download this file (NECL - Nomination Form for League Officers 2019 AGM.pdf)NECL - Nomination Form for League Officers 2019 AGM.pdf79 kBThu 17th Oct 2019
Download this file (NECL - Registration Form 2020.pdf)NECL - Registration Form 2020.pdf55 kBThu 17th Oct 2019
Download this file (NECL AGM Notice and Agenda 30-10-2019.pdf)NECL AGM Notice and Agenda 30-10-2019.pdf167 kBThu 17th Oct 2019
Download this file (NECL Cricket Ball Order Form 2020.pdf)NECL Cricket Ball Order Form 2020.pdf218 kBThu 17th Oct 2019
Download this file (NECL Rule Change  29 and 29A.pdf)NECL Rule Change 29 and 29A.pdf9 kBThu 17th Oct 2019

To North Essex Cricket League member club league representatives:

Please find attached the following papers in readiness for the League AGM and Presentation Night on Wednesday 30 October 2019, 7.00 pm at Colchester Rugby Club, Mile End, Essex CO4 5JF

  • Notice of AGM and Agenda
  • Nomination for league officers
  • Entry Form for the 2020 season (Already sent TO BE RETURNED BY 25 OCTOBER 2018)
  • Registration form for the 2020 season
  • Cricket balls order form for 2020 season
  • Rule change proposals by the Management Committee
  • Final League Tables 2019
  • Trophy Winners 2019

Fixture dates for 2020

  • The following further papers will follow shortly or (*) will be circulated at the AGM:
  • Chairman's report
  • Minutes of 2018 AGM (25 October 2018)
  • Results secretary's report 2019
  • *Accounts for the year ended 30 September 2019
  • Umpire Appointments Officer’s report 2019
  • Umpire marks 2019
  • Fines 2019 (to individual clubs concerned)

All member clubs must be represented at the AGM (rule 39).

If you are not still your club's NECL league representative, please (i) notify the League (by e-mail to ) of the name and contact details of the person who is now your club's league rep, and (ii) forward this e-mail and attachments to that person.

A number of clubs have notified the League that they are withdrawing from the League for the 2020 season. These clubs need not attend the AGM, but they are welcome to do so and are being sent these papers since they were League members during the 2019 season.

Many Thanks
Maria A Stockdale
North Essex Cricket League Secretary

Download this file (NECL - Entry form 2020.doc)NECL - Entry form 2020.doc26 kBSun 13th Oct 2019

A reminder for next month when the Trophy Presentations & AGM will be held at the Colchester Rugby Club, Mill Road, starting at 7.00pm

Can last year's winning Clubs and Individual Award winners please arrange to return their trophies back to Peter Corke, Boxted in good time.

League reps will be posted further info in a short while. Please ensure your club repesentative attends.

Prior to the AGM Notice and Agenda please find attached the Entry Form for 2020, this needs to be returned by 25th October 2019 - Please return by e-mail to

Sudbury are looking for opponents to play a friendly against at Friars Street, Sudbury on Sunday 25th August. If any club is interested in fulfilling a fixture, please contact Andy Holness on 07984 593873 or email