League News

Fines / Points Deductions fully implemented from this weekend (June 4th)

This is a reminder that as from this weekend (June 4th) fines and points deductions will be enforced as per the rules of the competition. Please ensure that whoever needs to know this information within your club is aware of this. The league do not want to penalise clubs by fining and deducting points, but if this is the only way that we can gain full compliance then so be it.

The following two rules are being implemented fully from this weekend ;

1. A member of the home side must upload a full scorecard to Play-Cricket within 48 hours of the match, or by 8am on the Wednesday at the latest. Failure to do so will result in a £10 fine, and a further £5 for every Friday thereafter that the result is not uploaded. Rule 29

If there are any issues with entering a scorecard through missing players or details, the away club and Results Secretary should be notified, so that the problem can be resolved as soon as possible.

2. Where neutral umpires are standing, Umpire Assessments should be completed and submitted by a captain or representative of both clubs, by the following Sunday. Failure to do so will result in a 5 point deduction, and a further 5 points for every Sunday thereafter that it is not submitted. Rule 32A

Fines have already been issued for the following rule breaches this season - so here is a timely reminder to all clubs.

1. Results must be e-mailed by a member of the home club to by 10pm on the day of the game. Failure to do so will result in a £5 fine. Rule 29

2. Concessions – when matches are conceded the opponents AND the League Results Secretary should be notified by 10pm on the eve of the match. In the case of matches where neutral umpires are standing, the home side should notify the umpires, but out of courtesy the conceding side should also contact the umpires. Failure to notify the opponents and Result Secretary of a concession by 10pm on the eve of the game, will result in a 10 point deduction and £25 fine under Rule 15B. Two clubs have already fallen foul of this rule this season.

3. A second and subsequent concession will automatically result in a 10 point deduction, and £25 fine. Rule 15b