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Umpires and balls in Division Two

To clarify the position regarding umpires and cricket balls in Division Two matches:


As per league rule 32, panel umpires will be appointed to stand in all Division Two matches this season, with the clubs sharing the cost (£30 expenses for each umpire - the amount agreed at the 2016 AGM).  The dispensation that applied in 2016 (agreed at the 2015 AGM), that Division Two clubs could ask for neutral umpires but were not required to have panel umpires), applied for that season only.


The Management Committee decided on 3 November 2016 that only one ball per match should be required in Division Two matches in 2017. It will be open to the captains of clubs in this division to agree, before the start of the match, that a new ball will be used for each innings, but in the absence of agreement only one ball is to be used.  If two balls are to be used, the umpires must be informed.