League News

July 31st deadline

As the season draws to the latter stages, it is probably prudent to make clubs aware of the deadline of this Saturday 31st July ;

Firstly, Rule 30(B) - No player will be able to make their debut after 31st July. Apply to the Committee for special dispensation in advance.

If a player is to make his/her debut after this date, the team must request dispensation from the league committee - email  and

The committee will take into account the playing ability of the debutant from records on Play-Cricket from other leagues, and if they feel that the players ability is above that of the team they are playing in, then the request will be denied. We expect this will be only the minority of instances.

Secondly, No Transfers of Players between clubs will be permitted after July 31st.

FInally, no games that are abandoned or cancelled after July 31st, will be permitted to be re-arranged.

These rules were implemented a few seasons back to safeguard the integrity of the competition over the final weeks of the season.