League News

Results Submission and Umpires Assessments


The league are aware that the Results Submission form, and Umpires Assessment form are both not working, and are not submitting information. Unfortunately, John Hepburn was the font of all knowledge with regard to processing of these forms, so we are going to have to look at an alternative way of submitting results and umpire assessments.

The only practical solution is to use the Play-Cricket platform, so we are asking that the HOME side on the day of the match complete a 'Result Summary' of the game in Play-Cricket by 10pm. If the match is being scored on Play-Cricket whilst in play, then this will not need to be done.

Within 48 hours of the game, a complete scorecard should be uploaded to Play-Cricket, so captains please ensure that your opponents know all your players details before you leave the ground.

DIvision One and Two matches, and T20 matches where umpires are assigned, will have their umpires listed for the match in Play-Cricket. I have created an umpires report that will be sent to teams, and should be completed by the Friday following the game. In the rules there is a points deduction if this is not completed, but as this is new territory I am happy to leave without points deduction for the first month - while we iron out any difficulties.

Can Club Play Cricket administrators please look out for these reports and get their captain to complete at the earliest opportunity.

I will remove the links to Result Submission and Umpires Assessment on the NECL website, as soon as I discover how to that !