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Umpire Appointments for April and May

Umpire Appointments for April and May can now be viewed on the website, under the Umpires tab, and also in Play-Cricket for the match.

Umpires are to be paid £35, with the preferred option being in cash, unless the Umpire specifically requests electronic payment.

If a game is cancelled or conceded can the home side please contact Umpires as a priority, if the away side has conceded it would be courteous for them to also make the umpire(s) aware.

Any failure to do this going forward this season, will result in the home side having to pay the standing Umpire(s) any wasted expenses.

Where neutral umpires are standing an electronic Umpires Assessment Report must be completed by both sides and submitted by 12 noon the Friday following the game. Failure to do so will result in a five point deduction. 

Division Three matches can also request neutral umpires this season, and a request should be sent to Dave Root (tel number is in the Umpire Contacts list). This is subject to availabilty of umpires, and both clubs wanting neutral umpires to stand.