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Return to Cricket - Risk Assessment

Download this file (ECB Return to Cricket Plan in Step 4_July2020.pdf)ECB Return to Cricket Plan in Step 4_July2020.pdf329 kBTue 14th Jul 2020
Download this file (Risk Assessment restart bdf 2.docx)Risk Assessment restart bdf 2.docx2699 kBTue 14th Jul 2020
Download this file (Risk Assessment.docx)Risk Assessment.docx2703 kBTue 14th Jul 2020

To Clubs

Congratulations must go to all teams and clubs as the first weekend of cricket was, by and large, a success, and we hope you enjoyed being back on the field. Last night we had a meeting of the Adult Participation Group (APG), which is comprised mainly of representatives of all the leagues on Essex and East London. The reports coming back from these league were very positive, although from some of these reports and other information received there are a few issues that we would like to remind clubs about:-

ECB RETURN TO CRICKET STEP 4: Attached is the latest information from ECB (which you should have received) , please familiarise yourself with the various criteria and mandatory things that have to be done

RISK ASSESSMENTS:- All clubs/teams must complete a risk assessment prior to the match, in some cases, where clubs play on council owned pitches, the Local Authority may insist on sight of this. Attached is the ECB generic risk assessment, and also attached is one that had been completed by a club, to show you what is required. A risk assessment is essential and I would ask clubs/teams to ensure that this is carried out. From the meeting last night it seems that risk assessments have not been carried out at a few matches at the weekend.

SOCIAL DISTANCING:- It was also apparent from the meeting last night, and viewing some social media clips of matches, that social distancing is not always adhered to, both on the field, and by spectators off the field. Please ensure that social distancing is respected at all times

SANITISATION:- It seems that hand and ball sanitisation was carried out diligently, but one league member last night stated the need to make sure that any towels etc. which were used to sanitise are disposed of safely.

GROUND AVAILABILTY:- It was reported last night that some leagues required pitches for some of their clubs, over the next few weeks. It would be very helpful of any clubs/teams that have spare capacity would kindly advise their leagues accordingly, also information requests can passed on to Graham Pryke at Essex, as he is in regular contact with other clubs around the county:-

It needs to be remembered that cricket is very much in spotlight, as it is the only team sport that the government has given the green light to, and we need to make sure that we are complying with the Covid-19 regulations

Well done again to all that managed to get successful games on at the weekend

Regards Graham

Graham Jelley | Cricket Development Managers - Clubs and Leagues

Essex Cricket