League News

2020 Season

The NECL Management Committee regret to announce that, in common with other local leagues, it has been decided the 2020 season should be abandoned. Even if the government and ECB do allow recreational cricket to start at some point in the not-too-distant future, over half the season will have been lost and it will not be practically possible to re-organise fixtures to fit the time remaining or, indeed, guarantee that a meaningful number can be played.

If/when permission is given for some form of recreational cricket to begin, we suggest that clubs consider using the remaining fixtures, as currently organised by the league, as a basis for friendlies. Those clubs who wish to use the league fixtures in this way should contact possible opponents in good time beforehand to ensure that both clubs are willing and able to play. No club is obliged to do so.

Any games played in this way should be conducted in strict accordance with ECB guidelines, which will be based on government advice.