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Divisional Teams of the Year 2018

The 12 players selected for each of the Divisional Teams of the Year are listed below, and are my own personal opinion and statistically based. Because of the number of games lost through concessions and voids, to qualify, players have had to have played three games in Division One, five games in Division Two and Three, and three games in the T20.
No prizes are awarded for being selected in the Team of the Year, just the prestige of being one of the 48 players selected.

Division One
Division One sees three from Mistley, Galleywood and Clacton, and one each from Colchester & E.E, Copdock & OI and Wivenhoe.
Matt Durrell (Wivenhoe), Sam Webb-Snowling (Copdock & OI), Callum O’Connell (Mistley), Tom Sinclair (Clacton), George Hutton * (Mistley), Sizwe Masondo (Mistley), Harlan Greig (Clacton), Bradley Pitts (Clacton), Duncan Walton (Galleywood), Zak Hicks (Galleywood), Josh Felton + (Galleywood), 12th Andrew Kennedy (Colchester & E.E.)

Champions Wivenhoe sole representative in the Division One team of the year is opener and ever present Matt Durrell, who scored 322 runs in the campaign and topped the divisional averages, averaging 107.33. He scored two centuries in his three innings, with a best of 145 against Clacton in May. Joining him at the top of the order is Copdock’s Sam Webb-Snowling, who also batted just three times, scoring two centuries in his haul of 319 runs, with a league season best of 200 not out against Colchester & E.E. At three is the first player from Mistley, fifteen year old Callum O’Connell, who scored two centuries in his four innings, with a best of 102 against Galleywood. Callum scored 280 runs at 93.33. At number four is the first Clacton player, Tom Sinclair who scored 207 runs at 41.40 with a best of 70 against Wivenhoe. He also claimed five catches and 2 stumpings in the field. Mistley’s George Hutton is captain of the Division One team, having guided his young side to second place. He also top scored in the division with 390 runs at an average of 55.71, recording four half centuries in his nine innings. At six is fellow Swan, Sizwe Masondo who scored 235 runs in four innings, three of which were half centuries with a best of 90 against Clacton. At seven, his Harlan Greig of Clacton, who scored 216 runs at an average of 54.00, with a best of 109 not out against Wivenhoe. He also claimed eight wickets when called on to bowl, and took the most catches in Division One with 7 outfield pouches. Clacton’s third player is Bradley Pitts who fills the spot as the first of the bowlers, ending the season as leading wicket taker in the division with 14 wickets at an average of 16.43, and a best of 5 for 47 against Mistley. He can also be relied upon to score some late order runs, scoring 169 at 42.25 from his five innings with a best of 70. At nine, ten and eleven come the three Galleywood players, Duncan Walton, Zak Hicks and Josh Felton. Walton topped the Division One bowling averages, with ten wickets at 15.90 and a best of 3 for 25 against Mistley. He was also the most economical bowler to qualify for the averages going at 3.85 an over. Club mate Zak Hicks, was the only other bowler to reach double figures in the wicket taking in Division One with eleven wickets at 18.36. He also returned the best bowling performance of the season in Division One, with a spell of 5 for 18 against Colchester & E.E. in August. Josh Felton takes on the wicket keeping duties for the Division One team ending the season as the leading keeper in the top flight with five catches.
Twelfth man duties for the team belong to Colchester & E.E. veteran Andrew Kennedy who scored 184 runs in five innings at an average of 36.80, with a best of 102 in the tied match with Clacton.

Division Two
The Division Two side sees four from champions Halstead, two from Springfield and Witham, and one each from Abberton, Braintree, Chappel & Wakes Colne and Eight Ash Green.
Forster Mutizwa (Witham), Carl Lees (Braintree), Ross Wyatt (Chappel & WC), James Parker (Eight Ash Green), Charlie Prudence (Springfield), Joe Morris * (Halstead), Michael Godwin (Witham), Elliot Mann + (Abberton), Josh King (Halstead), Martin Southwell (Springfield), Callum Hansey (Halstead), 12th Josh Ruthven (Halstead)

Up top for the Division Two side is Witham’s overseas star Forster Mutizwa who topped the divisional averages, and was the highest scorer in the division with 532 runs at an average of 66.50. His haul included two fifties, and one century with a best of 170 not out against Eight Ash Green. He also claimed eight wickets with a best of 4 for 49, and held six catches. Opening the innings with him is Braintree’s Carl Lees who scored 452 runs from eight innings, with two fifties and two centuries, at an average of 64.57. His highest score was 111 against Springfield, he also claimed nine wickets with the ball. At three is Chappel & Wakes Colne’s pinch hitting opener, Ross Wyatt, who bludgeoned 383 runs at 63.83 from six innings. He posted two centuries with a best of 138 against Great Totham. At number four is Eight Ash Green’s James Parker, who scored 386 runs from just five outings at an average of 128.67. He scored three fifties and a daddy century with an unbeaten 155 at Abberton in July. Springfield’s first entry into the side is Charlie Prudence, who although scoring most of his runs at the top of the order, slips into the middle order for this team. Charlie was the second highest scorer in the division with 462 runs, which included two centuries and one fifty in eleven innings. He averaged 46.20, with a best of 113 against champions Halstead. At number six is captain of the side, Halstead’s Joe Morris who guided his team to the Division Two championship. He scored 267 runs from his mid order position at an average of 38.14, with a best of 110 against Witham. With the ball he claimed 10 wickets at 13.89, and to claim all round status he was the leading outfielder in the division with eight catches. At number seven is another top order batsman who finds himself down the order, Michael Godwin of Witham who scored 461 runs at 57.63. He scored three fifties and one century in his haul with a best of 108 against Halstead. The final batsmen in the side is also the wicket keeper, Elliott Mann of Abberton. Mann scored a more than useful 367 runs at 61.17, which included three half centuries, his highest being a near miss 96 against Braintree. He was the leading wicketkeeper taker in the division with nine dismissals, 7 catches and 2 stumpings. At number nine, is Halstead’s second player, Josh King who claimed 20 wickets at 9.60 to top the divisional averages. He is also elevated to all rounder status by scoring 184 from five innings at an average of 46.00, with a best of 112 not out against Witham. Number ten is Springfield veteran Martin Southwell who saw off all his younger competitors to claim the leading wicket taker in the whole league with 22 wickets. He did not take a five wicket haul, but showed his consistency by claiming a wicket every 18 balls at an average of 12.86. Reliable from his late order position with the bat, he also scored 73 runs in four innings, and was not dismissed in 2018. Bringing up the rear is Halstead’s third player, Callum Hansey who narrowly missed out on being the leading wicket taker of the season by taking 21 wickets at 14.05. His last match performance of 5 for 41 against Eight Ash Green was not quite enough to equal Southwell. The fourth Halstead player carries the drinks for the Division two side, Josh Ruthven, who scored most of his runs at the top of the order, scoring 308 runs from six innings at an average of 61.60. His consistency saw him score three half centuries, and a maiden century (108 v. Eight Ash Green).

Division Three
The Division Three side four players each from Cavaliers and Real Oddies, two players from champions Kelvedon, and one player each from Stebbing and Coggeshall.
Ryan Vickery (Kelvedon), Fowad Murtaza (Cavaliers), Ed King (Kelvedon), Noman Jalib * (Cavaliers), Ashok Sharma (Real Oddies), Ben Speakman (Coggeshall), Malien Mudalige (Real Oddies), Imran Ikram + (Cavaliers), Chris Townsend (Stebbing), Mukesh Kumar (Real Oddies), Mike Miller (Real Oddies), 12th Muhammadi Nadeem (Cavaliers)

No surprise but at the top of the order for the Division Three side were the two most prolific run scorers in the league, Ryan Vickery of Kelvedon and Fowad Murtaza of Cavaliers. Vickery posted 532 runs in seven innings, and topped the Third Division averages with an average of 108.40. His haul included two fifties and three centuries, with a best of 154 not out against Great Horkesley & Lexden. He also figured in the bowling averages, finishing second with 12 wickets at 11.58, and claimed eight catches. Murtaza of Cavaliers was the leading scorer in the league with 701 runs at an average of 77.89. He was the first player to five hundred runs in 2018, and showed great consistency by passing the fifty mark in nine of his ten innings, with seven fifties and two centuries. His highest score of the campaign was 137 against champions Kelvedon. At number three, is the second Kelvedon player, Ed King who scored 319 runs in five innings at an average of 79.75. He posted the second highest score of the season with an unbeaten 189 against Great Horkesley & Lexden. Number four for the Division Three side is the skipper, Cavaliers Noman Jalib, whose side just missed out on promotion after being predicted by the soothsayer as being one the sides likely to battle for the wooden spoon. He lead from the front scoring 365 runs at 60.83, which included three fifties and best of 88 not out. Coming in at number five is the first of four Real Oddies players, Ashok Sharma. Sharma scored 422 runs to be the third highest scorer in the division. His haul included one century, 139 not out against Great Horkesley & Lexden, and one fifty as he averaged 38.36. Sharma was also steady with the ball finishing third in the averages with 12 wickets at 12.33. At number six is Coggeshall’s only player Ben Speakman, who shone out in a side that claimed the wooden spoon. Speakman scored 298 runs at an average of 37.25, his haul included two fifties and one century. When called on to bowl he had a happy knack of claiming a wicket, with eight wickets at 14.38. Malien Mudalige is the second Oddies players, at number seven, with both runs and wickets to his name. With the bat he scored 239 runs at 29.88, with two fifties, whilst he finished fifth in the Third Division bowling averages with 12 wickets at 19.25. At number eight is wicket keeper batsman Imran Ikram of Cavaliers. Ikram scored 169 runs at an average of 24.14, but he is predominantly in the side for his keeping ending the season as the league’s leading keeper with eleven dismissals, 9 catches and 2 stumpings. At number nine is wily Chris Townsend of Stebbing, who topped the bowling averages in Division Three, with nine wickets at 10.78. He was also the most economical bowler in the division, his forty overs going for just 2.43 an over. Not called upon to bat that often as Stebbing pushed for title honours, he did score one fifty in his three innings. Bringing up ten and Jack, are two further Oddies players, firstly at ten is Mukesh Kumar who was joint leading wicket taker with 16 wickets at 16.69, but also scored 184 runs in 12 innings, with a highest of 44. At number eleven is Mike Miller of the Oddies, who also took 16 wickets at a slightly better average of 15.56, with a best of 5 for 9 against Coggeshall. Miller could also be called on with the bat scoring 113 runs, with a best of 29. Twelfth man duties for the Third Division side belong to Cavaliers fourth player, Muhammadi Nadeem who scored 216 runs at 43.20, as well as taking important wickets, with nine, including a best of 3 for 54 in a victory over champions Kelvedon.

Representing the T20 side, three players from Wivenhoe and Colchester & E.E., two players from Kelvedon and Little Bardfield Village, and one player each from Ipswich and Mistley.
Brendan Louw (Wivenhoe), Daniel Wheeler (Kelvedon), Michael Cursons (Colchester & E.E.), Jake Foley *+ (Colchester & E.E.), Ed King (Kelvedon), Matt Graham (LBV), Dan Cummins (Ipswich), Feroze Ahmed (Colchester & E.E.), Jakob Kelly (Wivenhoe), Ian Catley (LBV), Jimmy Goff (Mistley), 12th Joseph Nicholls (Wivenhoe)

Opening up for the T20 side is Brendan Louw of Wivenhoe who scored 196 runs in four innings at an average of 65.33, his highest score and also the highest in the 2018 T20 competition was an unbeaten 123 against 7 Para RHA. His opening partner would be Daniel Wheeler of Kelvedon, who was one of only two players who topped 200 runs for the season, scoring 202 at an average of 50.50. His highest score was an unbeaten 115 against Braintree which came off just 60 balls. At number three is the top scorer in the competition Michael Cursons of Colchester & E.E, who smashed 252 runs at an average of 63. His five innings saw him post two fifties and one century, an unbeaten 109 against Wivenhoe off of 44 balls. He also hit ten sixes in that game which went a long way to seeing him top Six Hit charts for the competition with 18 maximums. At number four is the second Colchester player Jake Foley, who would take on the role of captain and wicketkeeper. Having lead Colchester to their first NECL T20 title victory, scoring 137 runs at the top of the order at an average of 34.25, with two half centuries. He also was the leading wicket keeper in the competition with five dismissals (4 in one match against Mistley). At number five is the only player who appears in two sides this year, Kelvedon’s Ed King – he scored 153 runs at an average of 30.60, and was also the leading wicket taker in the competition with eight wickets and a best of 3 for 34 against Coggeshall. Little Bardfield Village’s Matt Graham appears at number six, having topped the T20 batting averages with 145 runs at an average of 72.50. His best was an unbeaten 82 against Coggeshall coming off just 32 balls. At number seven is Ipswich’s only entry, Dan Cummins who scored 134 runs in three outings, with two fifties and a best of 75 against 7 Para RHA. He also bowled with economy with his four overs going for 4.25 each. At number eight is the second Wivenhoe player, Jakob Kelly who scored 122 runs in three innings at an average of 61.00. Number nine is Feroze Ahmed who scored 146 runs at 48.67, with a best of 66 against Little Bardfield Village in the T20 Semi Final, he also took four wickets in his eight overs at an average of 15.00 to appear in the top ten of both batting and bowling averages. Number ten is the second player from Little Bardfield, Ian Catley, who was the second highest wicket taker in the competition with 7 wickets at an average of 14.43, with a best of 4 for 22 against Coggeshall. At number eleven is Mistley’s only player, Jimmy Goff, who topped the bowling averages with five wickets at 7.60. He was also the most economic bowler to qualify for the average with his eight overs going for 4.75 an over. His best return was 3 for 24 against Wivenhoe. Twelfth man duties belong to Wivenhoe’s Joseph Nicholls, who was second in the T20 Bowling Averages, his five wickets being taken at 10.00 each, and a useful economy rate of 5.00 in the ten overs he bowled.

Performance of the Season nominations
Sam Webb-Snowling 200* Copdock & OI v. Colchester & E.E.
Greg Wilson 50* & 7 for 17 West Bergholt v. Coggeshall
Michael Cursons 109* off 44 balls Colchester & E.E. v. Wivenhoe (T20)
Ed King 189* Kelvedon v. Great Horkesley & Lexden