Congratulations to Coggeshall, winners of the NECL T20 competition 2021, who defeated Witham by 18 runs in a closely contested final at Halstead on Sunday 29th August in front of a large crowd.

Congratulations and commiserations to Witham and the losing semi-finalists, Abberton and Mistley, for their part in an excellent day's cricket. Thanks also to Halstead CC for the superb facilities and hospitality, and to the umpires and scorers.

The trophy, which is to be renamed the John Hepburn Memorial Trophy, in honour of NECL committee member, John Hepburn of Real Oddies CC, who tragically died earlier this year, was presented to the winning captain by John's sister, Angelina.

This years T20 Finals Day will be held at Halstead Cricket Club on Sunday 29th August. There is a reserve day of Monday 30th August if the weather is inclemment. 

The two Semi Finals will commence at 11am ;

Mistley v. Coggeshall

Witham v. Abberton

The Final is schedule for around 3pm.

The weekend is Halstead Cricket Club's Beer Festival, so why not come and enjoy the cricket, and sample the beer's on offer.

As the season draws to the latter stages, it is probably prudent to make clubs aware of the deadline of this Saturday 31st July ;

Firstly, Rule 30(B) - No player will be able to make their debut after 31st July. Apply to the Committee for special dispensation in advance.

If a player is to make his/her debut after this date, the team must request dispensation from the league committee - email  and

The committee will take into account the playing ability of the debutant from records on Play-Cricket from other leagues, and if they feel that the players ability is above that of the team they are playing in, then the request will be denied. We expect this will be only the minority of instances.

Secondly, No Transfers of Players between clubs will be permitted after July 31st.

FInally, no games that are abandoned or cancelled after July 31st, will be permitted to be re-arranged.

These rules were implemented a few seasons back to safeguard the integrity of the competition over the final weeks of the season.



The neutral umpire appointments for August and September are now available on the website under the Umpires tab, and will be added to Play Cricket fixtures in due course.

Please remember if you have neutral umpires standing to complete the Umpire Assessment, sent to your Play Cricket Website Administrators.


A Division 1 club has recently experienced problems with successive cancellations by opponents, so I should like to remind clubs of the rules and expectations, if they need to call a game off.

Rule 15A requires any away club failing to fulfil a fixture (other than for bad weather) without giving the home team 36 hours notice before the start-time to pay the home club £30 (or more, if its reasonable wasted expenses are higher.

Rule 15B requires any club unable to fulfil a league fixture due to lack of players to inform their opponents (and the league) by 10pm on the day before the game. If not, they will incur a £25 fine and a 10 point deduction, unless the Management Committee determine otherwise.

The League also expects its member clubs to show proper consideration to away teams when calling off a game due to bad weather. If possible, a decision should be made and communicated to the away team in time to avoid unnecessary travel. We would expect such contact to be via a direct phone call rather than an email which may not be picked up immediately.

Neil Brinded (Chair, NECL)

Probably something that all clubs should get involved in, unless you want to have games in the future cancelled due to excessively hot weather !

Please find attached a Press Release from Eight Ash Green, regarding the launch event of Carbon Centurions.

The Umpire Appointments for June is now on the website, under the Umpires Tab. These will be added to the Play-Cricket fixtures before the weekend.

Please remember if you have neutral umpires to complete the Umpire Assessments following the game. These should come through to you Play Cricket Website Administrators, but can be redirected to relevant people. (Please see the Umpire Cribsheet provided below).

Can T20 teams please check the start of time of their games, and let the umpire know if there is any change to the specified time.

Download this file (Umpire Assessment Cribsheet.docx)Umpire Assessment Cribsheet.docx767 kBFri 28th May 2021

For those teams who have neutral umpires standing, an umpires assessment report should be completed at the earliest opportunity, and by the following Friday at the latest.

A number of Umpire Reports from the start of the season are still outstanding, a club's Play Cricket Administrator should have these reports and can forward them to the relevant person. I have attached a cribsheet for the Umpire Assessment, so hopefully these can be completed in a timely fashion. 

There is guidance at the moment that anyone travelling in/out of Chelmsford should do a covid test, because of the prevalence of the Indian variant there.

This will apply to clubs playing against teams in Chelmsford

A reminder that car-sharing to matches is now permitted, but you should consult the ECB website (/covid-19) and think very carefully before making any other changes.
Currently, the NECL recommends that clubs make no plans to offer teas at present. Any club wanting to offer teas could not have the usual buffet-style arrangement, but would have to follow government guidance on indoor hospitality (table service, tables of 6 max, risk assessment), so we would recommend keeping things as they are now (i.e. players bring their own food).
Similarly, changing-room use would require limited numbers at any one time, with a plan for regular cleaning and a risk assessment, so we would recommend no change here also, with players continuing to arrive at the ground already changed.
Download this file (Add Results And Scorecards.docx)Add Results And Scorecards.docx3044 kBWed 12th May 2021

For those new to the process of adding scorecards, or new players to Play-Cricket, please find attached insturctions.

It would be better to encourage players to register with Play Cricket, and then join the club(s) they are playing for, so there are not multiple instances on the same player within the system.