North Essex Cricket League

The result of all League, Cup and Plate matches must be registered as soon as possible after the match (before 10pm) via e-mail to or the Results Summary Submission Form which is available in the Results section of the NECL Website.

Please note that matches cancelled due to weather or forfeited should also be recorded.

Rule 29A Penalties for non-compliance with rule 29. (i) A club failing to notify the result of a match to the results secretary as required by rule 29, or doing so after 10.00 pm, will be fined £5.00; (ii) A club failing to complete the online scoresheet in accordance with the requirements and by the time prescribed by the Management Committee (within 48 hours post match) will be fined £10.00. A further fine of £5.00 per week will be imposed for each week thereafter that any default continues.

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Confirmation of Results from earlier in the season that were planned to be re-arranged but now will not.

April 29
T20 West
Braintree v Galleywood – match cancelled (1pnt each)

June 3
T20 West
Braintree lost to Little Bardfield Village by concession

19 July
T20 – East
Wivenhoe 176 for 6 bt Mistley 123 by 53 runs

18 July
Division Two
Springfield (6pnts) 177 for 7 (N Pothen 41, C Prudence 43, T Pollinger 45, S Bendall 3 for 18) lost to Witham (20pnts) 180 for 3 (J Sambrook 44, J Wakelin 46, M Godwin 49no) by 7 wickets

15 July
Division Two
Braintree (20pnts) 301 for 8 (D Bass 62, L Fullgrabe 41, C Leech 87no, A Terry 6 for 53) bt Abberton (9pnts) 300 for 9 (E Mann 96, M Sullivan 93) by 2 wickets
Chappel & Wakes Colne (20pnts) 264 for 6 (H Dow 80, J Perfect-Brown 51, T Moseley 52, F Mutizwa 4 for 49) bt Witham (8pnts) 261 for 6 (F Mutizwa 99) by 4 wickets
Springfield v Great Totham – Match postponed – clubs looking to re-arrange – match provisionally conceded by Great Totham

Division Three
Coggeshall (5pnts) 109 for 9 (L Kendle 44) lost to Kelvedon & F (20pnts) 161 for 4 (M Warner 44, E King 35) by 52 runs  - Game reduced to T20

T20 – West
Galleywood 165 for 5 (T Nurcombe 56, T Detheridge 38) lost to Little Bardfield Village 166 for 7 (D Hymas 34, T Moss 4 for 32) by 3 wickets

12 July
T20 – East
Ipswich 165 for 8 (R Southall 51, M Burch 35, M Canavan 4 for 27) bt Wivenhoe 115 (M Durrell 33, Joseph Nicholls 32, R Southall 3 for 19, J De Cosimo 3 for 14) by 50 runs

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Download this file (Merging_Player_Records.pdf)Merging_Player_Records.pdf343 kBThu 13th Apr 2017

Results and Play-Cricket Housekeeping

As we start the 2017 season, just a few final reminders to with submission of results and Play-Cricket.

Results should be e-mailed by a member of the home side to by 10pm on the evening of the match. Remember results should also be e-mailed in by the home side if the game is cancelled or forfeited. Also if a game is abandoned in play, the scores at the time of abandonment should be recorded.

If you are unable to fulfil a fixture due to lack of players you must advise by 10pm the day before the scheduled game, as well as your opposition – failure to do so will result in a points deduction and fine.

Teams in Division One, Division Two and T20 using neutral umpires must submit an online assessment (available on the website) of the standing umpires by the following Friday, or risk a points deduction.

Scorecards must be posted on Play-Cricket by a member of the home side within 48 hours of the match being played. The result should be confirmed by a member of the away side by the following Friday, by clicking on the ‘cross’ to turn to a ‘tick’.


To get to the Results page in Play-Cricket the administrator must be in ‘Site Administration’

Fines for Play-Cricket will be suspended until the 1st June to ensure that everyone using the new system is acquainted and any teething issues ironed out. Obviously to meet the deadline of the Weekly Round Up if administrators could attempt to meet the 48 hour deadline in the first month, and if not, let me know the reasons, so that I can help resolve any issues.

Play-Cricket Housekeeping

Just some pointers that may make life easier at the beginning with Play-Cricket –

Firstly merging duplicate player records

If there is more than one instance of player in your members database use the Merge Records option to combine into one record (Guide is attached). The parent record should be a Full Name of the player – if a player has personally registered with Play-Cricket and your club themselves, they will not have an asterisk against their name in the members list – and this should be the parent record if you have to merge.

Secondly, adding players to your NECL squad

To ease selection of picking players for opposition administrators please try to add as many of your NECL players as possible to the NECL squad – for most clubs this will just be for your NECL 1st XI, but for others you will need to add players to NECL T20 and NECL 2nd XI squads.

If you experience any problems please contact me by e-mail

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