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Rearranged matches - 'getting the game on'

Clubs will have noticed that there has been a large number of conceded games this season, due to one or other side being unable to raise a team. This benefits no one: if the other side has a full team it means that perhaps 17, 18 or 19 people are deprived of a game of cricket, including those cricketers from the conceding club who are available, many, if not all, of whom will have been looking forward to a game. It also potentially distorts the league table, with 20 points being awarded to the club able to honour the fixture, regardless of whether they might have won the match, if played (two clubs so far this summer have been the beneficiaries of multiple concessions.)

This season, on a number of occasions, the club that would otherwise have conceded a game have asked their opponents to agree to rearrange the match for another date. Provided the two clubs agree, this is permissible under the league rules, subject to compliance with the notification requirements of rule 18. Indeed, the league's management committee, who considered the issue at their last meeting, agreed that clubs should be encouraged to seek to agree an alternative date for the match in these circumstances.  With fewer fixtures in each division this season, there should be more otherwise 'blank' dates available for such rearranged matches. Let's 'get the game on' wherever possible.