North Essex Cricket League

It is with sadness that the League Management Committee have to report that Gosfield CC have withdrawn from the NECL with immediate effect. At a Management Committee meeting last night, the withdrawal was discussed, and it was decided at this late stage of the season that their remaining three games should be treated as concessions, rather than their league record for 2017 be expunged. The league tables will be updated as and when the fixtures were due to be played, and the concessions will be reported in the Results section in the week they happen.

As we are now past the transfer deadline of July 31st, players who have played for Gosfield this season, will be unable to play in any other NECL matches for other clubs for the remainder of this season.

Gosfield joined the NECL in 1998, winning the Division Six title in their first ever season. They went on to claim the Division Four title the following season, and made it three successive promotions when finishing Runners Up in Division Three in 2000. They reached Division One in 2008, and played one season at that level. Perhaps their biggest achievement was when as a Third Division side they won the 2012 League Cup when defeating Witham.

The Gosfield committee are putting extensive plans into place in an effort to save the club from folding completely, and it is hoped that at some future stage they will seek re-admittance to the league. The League would wish them every success in this venture.

The management committee, at their last meeting, considered an issue raised about the lack of scorers at some matches and, more particularly, in the absence of a non-playing scorer, the failure of a club to provide a team member to keep the scorebook when that team is batting. Rule 32 requires each club to provide a scorer. We recognise that many clubs do not have, or do not regularly have, a non-playing scorer.  However, it is important that an accurate scorebook is kept, and that it is checked and agreed by both captains, or their deputies, at the end of each innings, with all details, including the names of catchers etc, duly entered. During the game, it should be the responsibility of the fielding captain to ensure that the scorers are informed of each bowling change and the name of the new bowler, and for the umpires to ensure that this has been acknowledged by the scorers before allowing the game to continue.

Clubs will have noticed that there has been a large number of conceded games this season, due to one or other side being unable to raise a team. This benefits no one: if the other side has a full team it means that perhaps 17, 18 or 19 people are deprived of a game of cricket, including those cricketers from the conceding club who are available, many, if not all, of whom will have been looking forward to a game. It also potentially distorts the league table, with 20 points being awarded to the club able to honour the fixture, regardless of whether they might have won the match, if played (two clubs so far this summer have been the beneficiaries of multiple concessions.)

This season, on a number of occasions, the club that would otherwise have conceded a game have asked their opponents to agree to rearrange the match for another date. Provided the two clubs agree, this is permissible under the league rules, subject to compliance with the notification requirements of rule 18. Indeed, the league's management committee, who considered the issue at their last meeting, agreed that clubs should be encouraged to seek to agree an alternative date for the match in these circumstances.  With fewer fixtures in each division this season, there should be more otherwise 'blank' dates available for such rearranged matches. Let's 'get the game on' wherever possible.

The date of the 2017 league AGM is confirmed for Wednesday 25 October 2017, starting at 8.00 pm.  The meeting this year will be held at Boxted CC's clubhouse, Cage Lane, Boxted CO4 5RE. Please note the date and the different venue this year, and ensure that a representative of your club attends as required by rule 39.

The following two transfers have been approved, the transfer applications have been received before the rule 30 deadline for the 2017 season of 31st July:

Saleh AHMED from Real Oddies CC to Boxted CC

Aron Kenneth JORDAN from Great Horkesley & Lexden CC to Boxted CC

In an increasingly difficult time for the game, particularly on Sundays, here is your chance to have your say on the future of Cricket.
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Unfortunately, Springfield have recieved notice that Cavaliers are unable to fulfil their Division Three match this coming Sunday (16th July). The Springfield boys have had five concessions to them so far this season, four at home, so are desperate for some cricket. If you can summon a team for a friendly at Coronation Park, please contact Paul Durrant - 07802 674963

Unfortunately, Travellers have infiltrated Colchester Rugby Club over the weekend, and the Borough Council have cancelled all sporting fixtures for this coming weekend due to security concerns.

Cavaliers are due to play Abberton at the Rugby Club in Division Three on Sunday. A switch of the fixture cannot be accommodated by Abberton due to another event at The Brow on Sunday.

So this is a plea to the cricketing community, if your ground is free this Sunday, can you consider accommodating the Cavaliers v. Abberton game. Please contact Dan Young 01206 970926 / 07534 713243 if you can help.

This is the third instance in six weeks of Travellers moving onto local cricket grounds, so please consider this as another warning to improve security around your grounds as much as possible. 

Umpire appointments for all First, Second Division and T20 games in August have been released, and can be found under the 'Umpires' tab at the top of the website. They have also been entered into the Play-Cricket fixture.

Unfortunately, a number of games in Division Two have not been able to be covered at this stage. If there is a change in availability clubs will be notified, otherwise they will have to umpire themselves.

A warning to all clubs to attempt to put in place ways of protecting your grounds, and make entry as difficult as possible when you are not there. If your ground is council owned you may want to speak to the local council. Travellers in the last week have made their camps on the outfields at both Harwich & Dovercourt and Eight Ash Green. Legally they can be moved on, but the process can take a few days and by all accounts the tidy up afterwards is quite extensive.

This is a reminder that as from this weekend (June 4th) fines and points deductions will be enforced as per the rules of the competition. Please ensure that whoever needs to know this information within your club is aware of this. The league do not want to penalise clubs by fining and deducting points, but if this is the only way that we can gain full compliance then so be it.

The following two rules are being implemented fully from this weekend ;

1. A member of the home side must upload a full scorecard to Play-Cricket within 48 hours of the match, or by 8am on the Wednesday at the latest. Failure to do so will result in a £10 fine, and a further £5 for every Friday thereafter that the result is not uploaded. Rule 29

If there are any issues with entering a scorecard through missing players or details, the away club and Results Secretary should be notified, so that the problem can be resolved as soon as possible.

2. Where neutral umpires are standing, Umpire Assessments should be completed and submitted by a captain or representative of both clubs, by the following Sunday. Failure to do so will result in a 5 point deduction, and a further 5 points for every Sunday thereafter that it is not submitted. Rule 32A

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